Contact Person:: Petra Bedřichová (Petia)
Number: +420 605 438 111
City: Prague, Czech republic



Our sponsors and partners:

UV show Ilusias  

Ilusias | The Dance of Lights
UV light show -
Fire show -

Great enrichment of the night events :)

 ARIES, a.s. Český výrobce a prodejce punčochového zboží a ponožek, společnost   ARIES, a.s.
Czech manufacturer and seller of stocking goods and socks and our supplier of good  quality stockings
Onyx Promo - služby v oblasti grafiky, videa, webdesignu a fotografie   Onyx Promo
Services in the area of video, graphics, webdesign and photography


Berounští měšťané





Berounští Měšťané
Studio of historical, entertaining and action shows


Untraditional show for the proms and balls